Laura is a conscientious and creative communicator. Turning her formidable talents to Vivian’s Voice as a conduit for women to find their own voices, Laura can shed light on the best way to handle a particular issue – whether it’s public speaking, speaking up in a meeting, or knowing when and how to stand up for ideas, beliefs, and/or oneself. I learned from Laura not just how to handle a tense meeting with grace and firmness, or the importance in verbal and nonverbal communication in the workplace, but also how to create a space at both work and play that is conducive to productivity and encouraging of new and different ideas. Her approach in all things, admirably, is one of fearless fortitude that is sprinkled with humor and sensitivity. Laura’s intuitive ability to lead and guide women in learning and wielding their voices, whatever industry or role they find themselves in, could only result in more women “raising their hand in class,” as Vivian herself used to say.

-Kelsea McCrary, Director of Civic Design & Cultural Districts at LA Office of Culture, Recreation & Tourism