Do you remember being called “bossy,” as a little girl? Did the experience stifle you and make you more hesitant to voice your ideas as a professional woman?

Young girls are often socialized to be nurturers and peacekeepers. Consequently, we tend to avoid potentially uncomfortable situations such as negotiating our salary or voicing our ideas during tense business meetings. Or, we suffer from imposter syndrome—the idea that we aren’t deserving of the title we have earned.

We find ourselves saying apologetic phrases like, “I just think that…” or “I’m sorry, but can we try…” These common communication pitfalls can decrease our credibility. I can help you overcome these challenges so that you can achieve your professional aspirations—without apology.

I can help you:

  • Speak with confidence, whether you are addressing a large audience or one person
  • Negotiate your salary, title, and promotion
  • Tell your story through a dynamic LinkedIn profile, resume, & job interview
  • Feel self-assured when presenting your ideas, regardless of your age or experience
  • Write and speak clearly—without apology
ULM Women’s Symposium
Laura W. Clark is a board member & panelist of the ULM Women’s Symposium, an annual event that empowers women through professional development. Laura has presented effective communication techniques at the symposium. Photo by Emerald McIntyre/ULM Photo Services